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growth - Waterfall funnels water

Driving growth with sales activity

Feb 15, 2021

Using the sales funnel to ensure your sales activity delivers your sales growth It’s one thing to have an aspirational target for the turnover of your business. It’s quite another to understand and execute the…

sleeping owls - consultants

Getting the best results from employing consultants

Feb 8, 2021

Inviting a consultant into your business is a big commitment. Even more so if a whole gang arrive together.  Not business as usual It’s Monday, it’s 9am and already you’ve got a faulty printer, a…

Business sales review - Sales Untangled team hiking in the moors

Am I where I think I am in business?

Feb 3, 2021

During a really important pitch to a new client…and of course within your business. Taking Stock Now’s a great time to be taking stock, reflecting and learning. It’s an opportunity to adjust your plans, refine…

sales training

Getting the best from sales training

Feb 1, 2021

Sales training is more than just making the booking and hoping for the best.  All training has a cost attached to it.  There’s the obvious financial one if you appoint an external training business to…

Business Owner - sales coach

Getting the best from working with a sales coach

Jan 25, 2021

Making the most of any coaching support you invest in takes effort. Coaching is often transformative. However, like most things in life, what’s right for one won’t suit another. And understanding the circumstances by which…

SME sales support choices

Choosing the best support for your business growth

Jan 19, 2021

How do you choose what kind of sales support you need? Business support varies widely – from sales training programmes via coaching and mentoring, to tailored consulting and beyond. There are pros and cons for…

Customer journey case study how we helped improve sales process

Client case study: Sales process improvement for IT service businesses

Nov 23, 2020

The Customer Journey a good place to start a case study Sometimes customers are so picky. You think their “journey” through your sales process is simple and predictable. Yet it turns out understanding what they…

case study - glass making

Client Case Study: Sales funnel management for technology and SaaS companies.

Sep 30, 2020

Are my biggest customers receiving the focus they deserve? The question asked at the very begining of this case study! Clients often come to us with concerns about sales forecasts and sales funnel management. Anybody…

Stealthflation, what is it and what does it mean for your customer?

Stealthflation means consumers have to brace themselves for hidden price increases.

Aug 17, 2020

Recession is always a time for businesses to reposition themselves as consumer champions. Tesco made a pre-emptive strike last month, demanding that suppliers contribute towards (or pay for) their latest round of price cuts. In…