Sales Director

Sooner or later every growing business reaches a size where they need an experienced Sales Director.

There’s a point where the owner can’t juggle everything anymore without balls being dropped and customers let down.

If they have the time to stop and think they’ll realise they need someone to help:

  • think strategically about priority channels and customers
  • build the commercial organisation and sales culture that will ensure the business thrives
  • implement professional and efficient sales processes, tools and KPIs that keep them on top of performance, yet out of the day-to-day detail
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If you look at this in organisation terms it’s the difference between a business of 5-10 people and another of 50-100. Both can be successful but the larger size demands a whole different level of thinking and delivery.

Yet even at the higher end of this scale you might not have the budget or desire for a full time sales director. So how do you get the expertise without the box on the structure chart?

That’s where a part time Sales Director comes in.

They can operate anywhere from an advisory role of an hour a week up to a more operational 2-3 days per week.

They can provide you with the level of commercial expertise you’re looking for without the commitment to a permanent salary. And when the time finally comes for you to recruit they can help in the process and ensure a smooth handover.

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Sales Director - Martin Knowles

Martin has a lifetime’s experience in senior sales roles, acting at director level in sales, commercial and category positions in businesses ranging from £3m to £3bn.

He’s delivered contracts and projects of all sorts and shapes, in industries ranging from consumer goods to healthcare, from marketing services to construction.

He brings real strategic insight, coupled with an ability to build sales capability and deliver results.

If you’re wondering how to accelerate your growth journey and know you need a friendly, commercial and supportive ally then let’s talk.

Martin grasped the business issues immediately and had a major impact in delivering some key business targets. Top qualities: Great results, personable, high integrity.

Andrew C, Vice President of Sales

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