Sales Training

You want sales training to be transformative.

As sales directors we’re convinced that great sales training starts with strategy. It’s not enough to send people on a 2 day course and hope they’ll come back as different people.

Training is part of a strategic plan. It’s about selecting your most important customers, figuring out who’s profitable, recruiting brilliant people and providing them with the right tools and systems.

sales complicated

When that’s complete your sales training will perfectly support your direction of travel. Every module or intervention will be a building block in the capability of your organisation.

Your people will return to their desks motivated and with skills and knowledge that make them better at their jobs and more fulfilled people.

And our experiential approach to learning means it’s fun too!

With these aims it almost goes without saying our training programmes are all bespoke. Modules are built around you, your business objectives and your team. And our experience as sales directors means it’s affordable and surprisingly good value.

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Specific training modules include:

Introduction to Sales

  • Building a winning sales process
  • Questions that change minds
  • Active listening
  • Recognising buying signals
  • Rapport-building with decision -makers

Influencing customer behaviours

  • How you think and behave
  • Emergentics+ psychometric profiling
  • What your customer wants from you
  • Identifying customer responses and actions
  • Using story-telling to excite customers

Key Account Management (KAM)

  • SWOT analysis to identify "now"
  • Account mapping to prioritise opportunities
  • Sales plans that convert big wins
  • Joint business plans to deliver partnering wins

Value-based selling

  • Negotiation planning to structure big deals
  • Differentiate your business through use of the value wedge
  • Emphasising the value you add to customers
  • Value proposition at the heart of your sales plans

Sales management essentials

  • Sales plan KPIs, levers and metrics
  • Challenging conversations with team members
  • Leading buzzing sales meetings
  • Motivating sales teams
  • Coaching that grows talent
  • Delegation that brings results


  • Getting through to decision makers
  • Identifying buyer influences
  • Words that change minds
  • Creating emotional buy-in with buyers
  • The impact of body language
  • Handling objections and awkward customers

Pitching and presentation

  • Constructing a presentation
  • Confident selling that wins pitches
  • Stories that win hearts and minds
  • Influencing diverse customer audiences
  • Managing client meetings

Outbound selling

  • Call listening to spot missed opportunities
  • Call coaching to build on core strengths
  • Getting past the gatekeeper
  • Establishing rapport
  • Identifying needs from busy clients

Customer service

  • Managing emotion in customer behaviour
  • Creating rapport with multiple personality types
  • Managing customer expectations
  • Resilience in high-pressure roles
  • Saying sorry to maintain relationships

Sales strategy

  • Building a winning sales funnel
  • Customer profitability and pricing strategies
  • Questions that change minds
  • Channel prioritisation and new markets
  • Competitor analysis for winning sales stategies

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I really enjoyed this course, very informative with lots of time for individual feedback. The workbook is really clear. Really liked Martin, he is warm and informative.

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