Who are we?

With over 60 years’ sales and leadership expertise we’ve tackled most challenges in sales.

All sorts of clients choose to work with us, from privately-owned businesses through to recognisable global names.

Small businesses are a real passion of ours, helping them access the skills and knowledge that the big guys take for granted. As exiles from the North East, fighting for the underdog is in our DNA.

We are about: Expertise, three people carrying two boxes first box signs with Customers, Growth and Sales the second box signs Skills, Success and Motivation

We are immensely proud to be a Certified B Corporation®. That means a commitment to work in a way that fits the B Corp™ model where our shareholder interests are balanced with those of the community and the environment.

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The Team

Grow your sales pipeline through better management, proposals and presentation skills

Martin Knowles

Cyclist. Pianist. Traveller.

Martin has held senior Sales positions in consumer organisations such as PepsiCo, Reckitt Benckiser and the BBC and healthcare businesses including GlaxoSmithKline, Novartis and Sanofi.

He obsesses about customers and consumers and helps focus businesses on maximising value from their key customer relationships.

As a widely experienced sales director he leads on strategy, numbers, spreadsheets and organisation design. And cake.

Lynne Kennedy

Hiker. Gardener. Explorer.

Lynne worked for international businesses including Mars, Boots and De La Rue before striking out on her own two decades ago.

Her speciality is training, coaching and sales consulting. With an instinct for business relationships she can unpick tangled teams and processes, rewiring the business in a way that motivates individuals and inspires improved performance.

She leads on story-telling, people and pictures. Accompanied by Haribo and cups of tea.

Grow your sales funnel through better proposals and customer understanding
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Clients say we’re different because of our:


You receive a rounded view of the whole sales environment. Our breadth of sector experience and seniority of roles means we prioritise solutions that don’t cause problems elsewhere.


You'll recognise we don’t take ourselves too seriously and our materials and programmes are consciously constructed in an engaging and interactive way.


You get business solutions that are strategic and insightful, yet delivered in a down to earth way that ensures they work for the long term.

UK Based Sales Team Training Provider in Buckinghamshire and Berkshire

Finding people in line with our values has revolutionised our team and been a huge gift of efficiency. We LOVE working with Sales UNTANGLED and have even found the switch to remote training since lockdown remarkably effective.

David Schluter, M.D. Fluid IT (Certified B Corp)