Sales Suspect vs. Prospect: How do you define your Suspects?

If you enjoy a good TV cop drama you could be well on the way to answering this one. So what are we talking about when it comes to a Sales Suspect vs. Prospect? A Suspect is someone who’s better defined than just a lead. You’ve done enough research into their attributes, challenges and needs…

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Does My Business Need A CRM System?

Whether you’re already using one or you’ve been putting it off for a while now, at some point most business owners are going to ask: does my business need a CRM system? They can seem like more trouble than they’re worth, but the key is to remember that they’re only as good as the information…

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What’s a sales culture and how do I get one?

Building a strong sales culture is critical to building a successful business. But it’s much easier said than done. Sales culture isn’t really about sales; it comes from a combination of leadership and teamwork. In this blog post, we’re exploring ‘what’s a sales culture and how can you build one in your business?’. Perhaps the…

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Three ways to understand your ideal prospect

salesman finding my ideal prospect

Knowing your ideal prospect is vital to be able to connect with them, and have a higher chance of turning them into a client. But how do we find out more about them?How do you get to know what they like?How do you understand where to find them? Imagine you’re happy to take money from…

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How to attract the right customers for your business

attract the right customers

Identifying and attracting the right customers for your business isn’t always an easy task and you’ll often need to make tough choices at both a strategic and operational level to optimise your sales. Remember those grammar tests you were set at school? The ones where you completely changed the meaning of a sentence by emphasising…

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What is Value-based selling?

value-based selling the shop window

You’ll probably have a very accurate idea about what your business costs you. The bricks and mortar (or your desk, laptop, printer and supply of chocolate Hob Nobs) Your people – either on your payroll or as associates or suppliers. Your manufacturing, purchasing or tech development costs. What you spend on marketing your business and…

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How to be an effective sales manager

Being a sales manager requires effort. It means joining the dots between your business strategy, sales plan and sales activity. It means knowing which sales goals to aim for, and which sales people to recruit. It means keeping a number of plates spinning at the same time. You’re the owner, the founder, the mender-in-chief. The…

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Acquiring new business

New Business - Chinese lanterns for sale

Two key measures that relate to customers are cost of acquisition and customer lifetime value. The first a measure of the total cost of attracting and converting new business. The second a measure of how well and for how long you retain them. And as a result, the value of the total business they afford…

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Feedback is a Gift

feedback with an image of three sleeping ducks in a row

Over the last 12 months we’ve completed a number of 360-degree feedback for senior people across a number of different business sectors. All lead others. All set the agenda for where others are headed. All have a significant and wide-ranging impact, and all commissioned their own feedback. None of it was hoisted upon them as…

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