What is your ideal selling style?

Discover your ideal selling style

Are you having trouble figuring out your ideal selling style? You won’t be on your own if you’re a bit uncomfortable about selling. Let’s be honest, sales has lots of negative connotations. The Hollywood portrayal of sales is always the brash, win-at-all-costs mentality. Think of the Wolf of Wall Street or Richard Gere in Pretty…

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Five ways to motivate a sales team in 2024 

Every business wants a motivated sales team but what makes this even more important in 2024?  Three things stand out as being unusual in the coming year:  You might argue good sales people shouldn’t need motivating, so let’s start there. Remove the piss-off factors Really this shouldn’t need writing, but the reality in many sales…

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Five top tips for growing sales in 2024

“It’s got to be better than last year, hasn’t it?” That’s what we said at the end of 2020. And 2021. And again a year ago! One day the business environment will really bounce back. But as we look ahead to 2024 it feels like one of those occasions when you hope for the best…

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How do I find the time for a Sales Mentor? 

How do I find the time for a Sales Mentor 

When it comes to working with a Sales Mentor, you might have many unanswered questions such as will they make me more efficient? What service do they actually offer? And what will I need to do when working with one? That’s why in this post we’re diving into all things Sales Mentors to explore how…

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Is a Sales Mentor strategic or tactical?

How do people react when you explain what you do? It’s always interesting to see whether the response is enthusiastic or politely passive. But more than this, do people actually get it? You know in detail what you do – and in the context of your industry it makes complete sense. But most conversations are…

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5 mistakes that lead to unsustainable sales deals

Unsustainable sales

Sustainable selling is something we frequently speak about. Why is that? It’s because sales is a specialism that’s full of people offering quick fixes, which can result in unsustainable sales. Search Google for sales questions and you’ll find plenty of “clever” questions designed to manipulate customers. Not to mention the countless lead gen businesses promising…

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Influencing customers without pitching

Influencing customers

Why? You might ask ? When it comes to influencing customers without pitching, just think – how many times have you met someone at a networking or business event and been forced to listen to them drone on about how important they are? At what point did you mentally switch off and start looking for…

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Lead gen – 7 reasons you should avoid spending money on it

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, there was a small wooden cottage in a forest. This was home to the sales fairy. Thanks to the internet the sales fairy was able to sell lead gen services to hopeful business owners. Signing them up to unapproved mailing lists she was able to…

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Do I need a coach or a mentor?

Coaching or mentoring These are different, but often discussed in the same context. Both focus on helping you develop and grow but they do it in different ways. Understanding this will help you to decide whether you need a coach or a mentor. Coaching is more likely to be question-based, content-free and agnostic. It provides…

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5 ways to increase sales for 2023

We’re now at that time of year when leaves are tumbling from the trees. Clocks have gone back and you can count the days down to Christmas. It’s not the time to talk about your “beach-ready” body. But it is the time to think about your sales priorities for the new year and how you…

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Where does marketing stop and sales start?

marketing sales difference

This is one of the most important handover points to get right in any company. But the boundaries are really fuzzy. How many times have you heard comments like this? “We could improve performance if only Sales followed up on the leads we give them” “We could grow sales if only Marketing gave us decent…

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