What needs to be done?

You want the simplest, most cost-effective way of growing sales.

No two jobs are the same.

You might want support prioritising growth plans or entering new markets. Or you could need help recruiting great sales people. Perhaps the nuts and bolts of sales process and conversion rates need investigating.

When you invest to grow you want to spend your money wisely and spend it only once. The right sales coach makes sure you do.

That’s sales, untangled.

Elevating - what we do to help you grow

If you’re looking for broad sector and market expertise, we’ve mentored organisations in sectors as diverse as consumer goods, pharmaceutical, education, Forex, IT, construction and utilities.


We have client relationships stretching back many years and one of our most important measures of success is having you ask us back.

Whichever sector we’re working in:
It’s all about the customer

Right tool for the job

Tailored support for your business

There are lots of different sales roles and we’ve done most of them.

You might need a sales coach or mentor who can advise from a distance. Maybe you want more hands-on support from a part-time or interim sales director. Perhaps your team need sales training or your senior team would benefit from executive coaching.

It’s this powerful combination that enables us to work out where it’s best for you to start.

Helping you build a sustainable sales capability.

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Improve My Sales Funnel and Processes

Get in touch for more detail on any of these services:

Executive coaching

Do you miss having someone to talk things through with? Sharing ideas with someone beyond your immediate business who’ll give you straight, honest answers, guidance and feedback.

Sales training

Are you after really engaging PowerPoint-free training? Programmes that are bespoke to you and delivered by sales experts who understand the importance of making learning stick back in the workplace.

Leadership development

Would you or your team benefit from exploring leadership skills and how they’re different from day-to-day management? Our programmes specialise in building teams that are greater than the sum of their parts.

Strategy facilitation

Are you facing too many choices, not sure what to stop doing? Perhaps your directors need help to agree on your true priorities. Facilitation could be as little as half a day to coach you through the options.

Part-time sales director

If you’re looking for someone to take strategic and operational responsibility for sales but don’t want someone full time on the payroll, then talk to us about our tailored service.

We’ve trusted Lynne to help guide our growing teams across the business for the past six years. Her ability to understand our objectives, poke at our strategies with a fresh lens whilst also coaching us on a variety of topics has been invaluable.

Rob Turner, CEO, Kinetic Software