We help you grow

We know, we know… everybody says that, but it’s our purpose that makes us different: to help leaders love sales and leadership. That's what we do!

Imagine that your business has a buzzing sales culture; you seem to effortlessly attract customers who will happily recommend you; you have confidence in your sales activities. Ultimately, you’re proud that your business is thriving and delivers a great customer experience day after day.

What’s the difference between this future version of your business and the current version? In the future version, you’ve learned to love sales because it’s helping you achieve your goals. And we can help you get there.


Elevating - How we work to help you grow

In today’s multi-channel world, sales is the heartbeat of your organisation. It’s how you gather insight about customers and what motivates them, and it’s what pulls together your internal team to deliver a great customer experience.

But how do you know what your first step is to improve your sales capability? To begin, you need to understand the strengths and areas for improvement within your business.

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What you get

Challenges we solve

Sales Team

Recruit talented sales people. Create a sales culture that motivates your whole business. Set ambitious sales targets and enjoy the buzz of delivering them consistently.

Sales Plan

Excite your best customers with engaging sales proposals. Open up new channels profitably. Maximise revenue by controlling discounts and cost price increases.

Sales Results

Build a sales funnel that delivers your business goals. Tighten call rates and conversion ratios to prioritise growth. Integrate sales reports to avoid surprises.

Case Study: Helping clients thrive

Our client was a marketing services company in the south-east, already seeing some sales growth. All the same, they had some concerns about sales as the company expanded and recruited us as sales coaches to solve these main challenges:

They suspected their sales approach was inefficient, with no consistent pricing

Entering new channels seemed to be expensive and inefficient

They needed to recruit their first sales people but were worried about getting the right fit

There was no sales process and the marketing manager claimed sales leads were getting lost

They wanted performance-based sales targets but their sales pipeline was unpredictable

We mentored the client over a number of months. They had an immediate challenge with quotes not being converted, so the first step was to help them think about how to construct a quote and what questions they needed their prospective clients to answer before sending the proposal across.


Alongside this we helped them identify potential growth channels and used their CRM to separate out direct customers from channel partners.


Behind the scenes we helped them understand the metrics within their current sales funnel. What were their real conversion rates, the most effective lead generation methods and how long was the sales process?


This allowed us to model the sales growth of their new recruits and to predict when they would become profitable.


From here we helped them identify the key criteria they wanted to interview against, both technical sales skills and behaviours. We helped them create a job description, place adverts and we trained the business owners in competency-based interviews so they had a consistent approach.

The next step was to build an onboarding programme so that new starters had the knowledge and skills they needed to succeed.


Once the new team were on the ground we ran a half day workshop where we mapped out the customer process, walking through it in the way a client would experience it. We actually invited along a real client, which helped add some jeopardy to the feedback!


Along the way we coached them through a couple of major client negotiations, helping them raise the price of their core service and reduce their typical sales cycle by a month.


This client is still working with us. Their priorities shift and what we support them with changes by the month, but whatever the focus it’s a pleasure being by their side and watching them grow by providing tailored guidance that works for their business.