Why being a B Corp is important to us

UK landscape with B Corp logo

A B Corp certification is given to businesses, committed to promoting social and environmental change through positive business practices. Read the post to find out why it’s so important.

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Are you easy to buy from?

“Please take my money, I really want to spend it with you. Honestly I do…despite how difficult you’re making this” Our on-going game of Snakes and Ladders in trying to get fibre optic installed, highlights the stark contrast between a business that’s able to expensively and constantly market and sell to customers; and those that…

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The Face Race. Where next for hybrid sales?

Have you played the new etiquette game yet? You’re meeting someone for the first time in a while and handshaking seems a bit uncertain whilst bumping elbows all feels a bit artificial. Then you meet a friend in a pub and before you know it you’re in a good old-fashioned hug. Weird eh? It’s easy…

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