How to buy the right sales training for your business

pondering while looking out over a lake

Choosing the right sales training for your business is a real challenge. Search for ‘Presenting Skills’ in Google and the pages of offers and companies go on and on and on. We did, and Google reported is has 246 Million results for you to choose from! How are you finding training options for your business?…

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Getting the best results from employing consultants

sleeping owls

Inviting a consultant into your business is a big commitment. Even more so if a whole gang arrive together.  Not business as usual It’s Monday, it’s 9am and already you’ve got a faulty printer, a production issue, one late order urgently awaiting a courier, and six new customer enquiries looking back you from your inbox.…

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Am I where I think I am?

Business sales review - Sales Untangled team hiking in the moors

An extraordinarily valuable question to have answered in all kinds of situations including your business. On the top of a mist-laden moor when the footpath signs have long-vanished and the sarnies have all been scoffed. When we set off to Inverness from Marlow without a road map, certain of our ability to navigate by the…

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Getting the best from sales training

a scoreboard

Sales training is more than just making the booking and hoping for the best.  All training has a cost attached to it.  There’s the obvious financial one if you appoint an external training business to support you. There’s also the opportunity cost of asking your people to leave their day jobs and spend time doing…

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Getting the best from working with a coach

Business Owner Coaching

Making the most of any coaching support you invest in takes effort. Coaching is often transformative. However, like most things in life, what’s right for one won’t suit another. And understanding the circumstances by which the relationship might be put under pressure can be helpful before you commit your time, brain and cash. How coaching…

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‘Busy’ – A hard habit to break

inside a church a clock

“I guess I thought you’d be here foreverAnother illusion I chose to createYou don’t know what ya got until it’s goneAnd I found out just a little too late” For anyone who has a fondness for 1980’s rock ballads, or for whom this era was a formative part of their life, you may well recognise…

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Hiking boots, hooves and fun

fun negotiating a bridge of sticks

“Ain’t no mountain high enough, Ain’t no valley low enough, Ain’t no river wide enough”  By Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell in 1967 More than fifty years on we recently discovered that’s not true and there are mountains absolutely high enough… This is a story about happiness and it’s role in busy-ness for owners at work. But…

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