How to use questions to improve the skills of your sales team

Sales Teams like sleeping dogs

You’re busy, it’s been a long day and another sales-person is asking for guidance or help. Is answering your sales team’s questions a good thing to do or not? And what’s the alternative? Does it save you time to jump straight to the answer?  Undoubtedly in that moment it does – and if you’ve been around…

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How to get sales recruitment right

butterfly of sales recruitment

How to create an effective recruitment process to bring a new salesperson into your business. Be certain what kind of salesperson you want. There are different types, and they require a different mix of skills and attributes. You can read more about this in our March blog – ‘How do I recruit the right salesperson?‘…

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Am I where I think I am?

Business sales review - Sales Untangled team hiking in the moors

An extraordinarily valuable question to have answered in all kinds of situations including your business. On the top of a mist-laden moor when the footpath signs have long-vanished and the sarnies have all been scoffed. When we set off to Inverness from Marlow without a road map, certain of our ability to navigate by the…

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Getting the best from working with a coach

Business Owner Coaching

Making the most of any coaching support you invest in takes effort. Coaching is often transformative. However, like most things in life, what’s right for one won’t suit another. And understanding the circumstances by which the relationship might be put under pressure can be helpful before you commit your time, brain and cash. How coaching…

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It’s all about trust!

can you trust a tiger

We’ve been exploring Trust recently with a variety of leaders from across a number of business sectors. From Finance to Healthcare; Automotive to Education; and what emerges is fascinating and thought provoking. Begin a conversation by prefacing it’s about Trust, and almost always people will then very consciously present their most trust-worthy self to the…

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‘Busy’ – A hard habit to break

inside a church a clock

“I guess I thought you’d be here foreverAnother illusion I chose to createYou don’t know what ya got until it’s goneAnd I found out just a little too late” For anyone who has a fondness for 1980’s rock ballads, or for whom this era was a formative part of their life, you may well recognise…

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Feedback is a Gift

feedback with an image of three sleeping ducks in a row

Over the last 12 months we’ve completed a number of 360-degree feedback for senior people across a number of different business sectors. All lead others. All set the agenda for where others are headed. All have a significant and wide-ranging impact, and all commissioned their own feedback. None of it was hoisted upon them as…

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Leadership and ponytails

horses head

The gym…remember it? It’s the thing you joined back in January just after you’d polished off all of those mince pies and choccies….and around the same time you noticed that the waistband of your favourite suit has shrunk. I bet that if you have a good rummage in your wallet you might even still have…

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