How do I recruit the right salesperson?


There are lots of people in sales roles, but not all will or should be the salesperson you recruit. Recruitment takes your time, effort and money. So how do you ensure that the right salesperson joins your business? ‘Sales’ is an all encompassing generalised term, but look closer and the distinctions between sales roles are…

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Is it important to have a “hungry” sales team?

hungry horses are sales team

Disrupter businesses like Uber, Amazon and Facebook have changed the business world forever. Not just in the standards they set for consumers, but also in shaping the way we work. Gone are the days of the dull staff canteen, to be replaced by beanbags, footie tables and free Budweisers. You might question the nutritional value,…

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Leadership and ponytails

horses head

The gym…remember it? It’s the thing you joined back in January just after you’d polished off all of those mince pies and choccies….and around the same time you noticed that the waistband of your favourite suit has shrunk. I bet that if you have a good rummage in your wallet you might even still have…

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